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Once a driver is in-route to your pickup location, you will receive an automatic email notifying you of this information, as well as a automatic tracking link informing you of your driver’s estimated time of arrival.

Fortunately, all of our shipment updates are provided to you in real-time via the email address you provided at the time you placed your order, so no phone call is needed. Once your shipment has been delivered, you will receive an automatic email confirming the delivery details to include:

  • delivery date,
  • delivery time,
  • delivery location,
  • items delivered,
  • and proof of signature if provided. Due to contactless proof of delivery that is currently in effect due to Covid-19, the signature link will not appear in your confirmation email, but can easily be obtained by contacting us directly at 678-631-9470 should you require this information.

All 4QL couriers are uniformed with company polo style uniform shirts, along with a 4QL picture ID badge. Should you have any questions about identifying your courier, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 678-631-9470.

Yes you will. After your payment has been processed for your request, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your order request, as well as a follow up email confirming your shipment details.

Once your order has been processed, shipment details are automatically dispatched to the nearest driver. Should you require any assistance with changing any part of your delivery request after you have paid for your request, please contact us immediately at 678-631-9470. Please note that changes to your order request could be subject to additional charges.

Shipment updates are sent to the email address on file that you provided to us during the time of placing your order request.

You may easily set up an account with 4QL by speaking with a representative to discuss your business needs through this link. You may also contact us directly via phone at 678-631-9470.

We definitely can. Tell us a little bit about your frequent courier needs, and schedule the best time for us to contact you regarding the information you provide. You may set up a call back request through this link.

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